ROLE : Game Designer, Level Designer, Level Builder, Gameplay Programmer.
CONTEXT : Personal projectGENRE : Platformer / ExplorationPLATFORM : PCTEAM SIZE : 1DURATION : 2 monthENGINE : Unreal Engine
GAME DESCRIPTION : Play as Kell, the ring protector, and repel the ancient mechanism that consumes his world. Master your powers and be one with the ring.

My level design missions :

  • Design bottleneck level design which are in growing difficulty.

  • Provide a quick identification of the locations & points of interests with framing, leading lines and lighting.

  • Design the level by implementing verticality and gigantism in the shapes composing the level area.

  • Create a blocking of the layout and adjust the metrics and flow of the different areas.

My level design tasks :

  • Layout

  • Blockmesh

  • Lighting

  • Scripting

  • Testing

  • Balancing

Tools :

My level building missions :

  • Make the level building by following the level design blocking.

  • Make the level building coherent with the environments types.

  • Make vista moments in defined locations to increase the contemplative design of the game.

  • Use verticality and gigantism to create a precised feelings for the player.

  • Create a realistic lighting and post processing .

My level building tasks :

  • Assets integration

  • Materials creation

  • Level building

  • Lighting

  • Optimization

Tools :