Procedural Generation System

CONTEXT : Personal projectPLATFORM : PCTEAM SIZE : 1ENGINE : Unreal Engine
  • In the last few months, I started to create a procedural level generation system for a personal project made on the Unreal engine 5.

  • I took Megastructures as the base level type with Blame! and Dredd as work references.

  • It's still very WIP but I've finished developing the first functional version of this system that allows me to flexibly generate a wide variety of different procedural game levels.

  • Here is an example with a debug view:

- Generation of a megastructure generated on 4 different layers

- Each layer is composed of about 32 rooms based on predefined room types

- The composition, placement, and transition between each room of a layer are procedurally generated and always allow all the rooms to be accessible to the player through at least two entry points

- All layers are connected to each other by 2 to 5 transit points to allow the player to explore the entire level

Tools :