Blocktober 2022

CONTEXT : Personal projectPLATFORM :  PCTEAM SIZE : 1ENGINE : Unreal Engine

In my spare time for two weeks, I've designed this level for Blocktober 2022. My inspirations were games like Elden Ring, Final Fantasy, or Genshin impact.

This was made entirely on Unreal Engine 5.

Tools :

A little bit of Story

The player was progressing through the catacombs of an ancient temple and found a path leading him to ancient ruins located in a canyon.

The player is equipped with a tool called Decogram. This tool is like an old camera and allows him to store energy inside. At this point in the game, he can release this energy to do two puzzles, such as reversing time and powering beacons that create parkour paths. The Decogram can be upgraded, allowing the player to perform more interactions and puzzles in the world.

Intrigued by this place, the player will progress through these ruins keeping in mind that he must find an aqueduct and reach its top in order to progress in the story.