ROLE : Game Designer, Level Designer, Level Builder, Gameplay Programmer, Lighting Artist.
CONTEXT : Game Jam projectGENRE : Puzzle PLATFORM : PCTEAM SIZE : 3DURATION : 48HENGINE : Unreal Engine
GAME DESCRIPTION : A little Fox who have lost her children. Search & find them through different levels by doing puzzles.

My level design missions :

  • Design five different bottleneck levels design which uses the same gameplay mechanics and who are in growing difficulty.

  • Make the levels design coherent with the different locations and provide for each one, a unique design feeling.

  • Create a blocking of the layout and adjust the metrics and flow of the different areas.

My level design tasks :

  • Layout

  • Blockmesh

  • Lighting

  • Scripting

  • Testing

  • Balancing

Tools :

My level building missions :

  • Make the level building by following the level design blocking with assets made by the game artists.

  • Create for each level a different atmosphere with the help of lights colors and volumetric fog

  • Work in team to ensure the visual coherence & narration of the levels.

My level building tasks :

  • Assets integration

  • Materials creation

  • Level building

  • Framing

  • Lighting

  • Optimization

Tools :